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Law Enforcement | Fire | EMS 

Threat Suppression is a recognized industry leader in public safety training. Our staff have extensive experience in law enforcement, emergency medical services, firefighting, 9-1-1 communications, and emergency management. Our staff collectively bring the experience of 500 years’ service in public safety, and response to more than 500,000 emergency calls.


Threat Suppression focuses on employing staff with experience in multiple public safety disciplines. The majority of our employees have experience in two or more public safety disciplines, and some of our employees have experience in three or more public safety disciplines. This unique background of experience allows our team to provide a very broad approach to solving complex public safety problems.


Since our inception in 2012, our staff have directly assisted more than 1,000 public safety agencies and trained personnel from more than 5,000 public safety agencies. Because of the vast experience in helping public safety agencies, our staff are able to provide best practice recommendations to many public safety problems. As a result of the experience that Threat Suppression staff possess, the federal government has often contracted our services to create training programs for first responders.


Not only does Threat Suppression staff provide a wealth of experience, we also provide a scholastic research approach to solving problems. All of our training packages are the result of significant scholastic research. Threat Suppression staff have spent thousands of hours researching solutions to some of the most complex problems facing today’s public safety. The combined experience and scholastic approach to problem solving has set Threat Suppression apart from the vast majority of all other public safety training and consulting firms.


Because of the unique capabilities at Threat Suppression, we frequently receive sole-source, “no bid” contract awards. These awards recognize that no other company possesses the experience and knowledge offered at Threat Suppression. Numerous government agencies have attempted to find companies that are competitors to Threat Suppression and have been unable to find any company that provides the quality of service that we can provide. As a result of the lack of competition, Threat Suppression frequently is awarded sole source provider status.


We encourage you to check out all of the public safety training courses that we offer at Threat Suppression. As a testament to the quality of our service, 95% of our business is from word-of-mouth recommendations from our clients. For more information on the public safety services that we provide, please email,

or call 1-800-231-9106.

Course Descriptions

"A world class presentation by world class presenters."

-Department of Homeland Security

"One of the best training courses that we have hosted."

-Force Science Institute

"This training is monumental and groundbreaking."

-California Association of Tactical Officers

"This is critical, 'must-have' training for all first responders."

-South Carolina Office of EMS

"Phenomenal training from exceptional instructors."

-Federal Bureau of Investigation

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