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In the Community

Charitable Work 

At Threat Suppression giving back to the community is very important. Approximately 10% of our company earnings are earmarked for charitable causes. We support the community in a number of different ways, including free training for non-profit organizations, donation of equipment and supplies, monetary donations, and more. Below outlines some of our charitable projects.

Operation Military Upgrade:

Our staff at Threat Suppression have to travel extensively each year. Several of our personnel have elite status with the airlines because of the high number of flights they complete each year. Along with elite status come frequent upgrades to first class. Our personnel have a standing policy to donate their first class seat to any member in military uniform. Since 2012, our personnel have provided first class seats to hundreds of military personnel. Without hesitation, our personnel give up their first class seats to military personnel.

Donation of New Ballistic Protective Equipment:

Threat Suppression staff have donated more than $40,000 of new ballistic vests to police departments and fire departments. In these cases, these departments did not have the money to afford vests and relied on the donation by Threat Suppression to equip their personnel.

Donation of Medical Equipment:

Threat Suppression staff have donated more than $50,000 of tactical medical equipment and defibrillators to law enforcement agencies. We have worked to equip officers with individual first aid kits, tactical medics with medical bags, and police supervisors with defibrillators. Threat Suppression gave thousands of dollars for donated medical equipment to Israel after the 2023 Hamas terror attacks.

Donation of Money for Security Upgrades:

In 2023, Threat Suppression donated thousands of dollars for a school to upgrade their doors and windows to ballistic film. This school was in need of more than $19,000 dollars to complete the project. Threat Suppression was proud to be a primary donor to make sure this goal was achieved. 

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award:

Since 2012, Threat Suppression has supported the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia, South Carolina by offering a Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award. Along with a certificate, the award recipient receives a plaque and a new firearm. This award is given each year to a deputy sheriff within the department that exemplifies the mission and values of Threat Suppression.

FDNY Firefighter Steven Coakley Foundation

Since 2015, Threat Suppression has donated to the Steven Coakley Foundation ( Firefighter Steven Coakley died responding to the 9/11 terror attacks at the World Trade Center. The Foundation now provides educational scholarships to firefighters, as well as donated funds and equipment to first responder organizations. For the past several years, Threat Suppression has sponsored a hole at the annual Steven Coakley Golf Tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Special Operations Medication Association Scientific Assembly

Since 2015, Threat Suppression staff have donated time to to teach and support the SOMA conference. In 2017, Threat Suppression was a Platinum Sponsor of the conference, donating more than $25,000.00 to the conference. 

Free Training for Non-Profit Organizations

Each year, we provide more than 1,000 hours of free training and consulting to non-profit organizations throughout the United States. More than 15% of our staff time is spent providing this free service.

Pictures in the Community

Threat Suppression's David Bradshaw presents 35 new threat level IIIA ballistic vests to a law enforcement agency in Virginia

Threat Suppression's Dr. Mike Clumpner teaches a course on applying tourniquets at the LTC Dave Grossman Sheepdog Church Security Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Threat Suppression's George Medlock, Ricky Ezzell, and Dominick Pagano present Richland County Sheriff's Department Deputy Sheriff Josh Duerkoff and Sheriff Leon Lott with the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award.

Charlotte Fire Department's Dustin Huffman and Chad Hunning stand next to the hole that Threat Suppression sponsored in the Stephen Coakley Foundation annual golf tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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