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Our History with Active Shooter Research and Training


At Threat Suppression, our passion is researching active shooter events and providing scholastic, vetted active shooter response training for first responders. There are many companies that claim to have active shooter experts. However, our staff have distinguished themselves, and made an international name for the company through our research and passion for the subject.


Since 2005. we have spent more than 50,000 hours researching active shooter perpetrators and events. We have conducted more than 125 large-scale, integrated police/fire/EMS active shooter response exercises, including several at one of the world’s busiest airports. In addition, we have conducted more than 150 active shooter tabletop exercises for police, fire, EMS, school administrators, and business executives.


Threat Suppression personnel led the world in 2006 by lecturing on an integrated police/fire/EMS active shooter response plan utilizing non-Special Operations response personnel. Since that time, our staff has provided active shooter training on four continents to more than 200,000 public safety responders and military personnel. The responders represent more than 5,000 agencies who have received training from Threat Suppression. Our staff have also provided individual consulting for more than 500 agencies as the agencies developed their integrated active shooter response protocol.


In 2015, Threat Suppression staff published the world’s first doctoral dissertation research paper on integrated active shooter response, entitled “Analysis of Records that Demonstrate an Active Shooter Response Plan Utilizing 32 Large-Scale Exercises” (Northcentral University: Prescott, AZ). To download this dissertation, click here. Threat Suppression staff have conducted numerous walk-throughs and interviews with responders and victims from active shooter events, including Columbine High School, Sandy Hook Elementary, Townville Elementary (SC), Garden State Mall (NJ), Howard County Mall (MD), Virginia Tech, Charleston AME church (SC), San Bernardino Inland Center, Orlando Pulse Nightclub, Renown Regional Medical Center (NV), Oak Creek Sikh Temple (WI), First Baptist Church (TX), and many more.

Our personnel have also provided individual consulting for numerous active shooter prevention and response equipment. We have evaluated law enforcement equipment, emergency medical equipment, ballistic equipment, breaching equipment, weapon systems, acoustic gunshot detection systems, lockdown systems, mass notification systems, and intelligence collection systems. More than 100 companies have utilized our employees to provide consultation for research and development of their products. Numerous companies have requested to brand their product with the Threat Suppression name and seal of approval. 


Our personnel have also provided consulting for multiple law enforcement agencies and schools regarding individual cases of potential violent active shooter offenders. In addition, Threat Suppression’s training courses have been credited with stopping nine school shooting events, one church shooting, and four workplace shootings. The training provided by Threat Suppression has provided operational guidance during seven other active shooting events. Multiple federal agencies recognize Threat Suppression as an industry leader in active shooter response. 

Numerous federal agencies have stated that Threat Suppression's active shooter training is the premiere training available. These federal agencies all cite the intensive amount of research that backs up every recommendation made in our training. 

Our eight-hour course, "Joint Public Safety Response to the Active Shooter" has garnered international attention as the most heavily researched active shooter response training lecture available. This presentation cites more than 600 references, with the majority from peer-reviewed research articles. Numerous public safety agencies have made this course mandatory training for their personnel. If you would like to download a PDF of frequently asked questions by agency leaders, click here

Below are our active shooter courses. Click on each one to learn more information about the course.

If you would like more information on Threat Suppression's active shooter training, please email or call         1-800-231-9106.

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