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Tactical Fire Company™ Train-the-Trainer


In 2013, the a large metropolitan fire department conducted a needs assessment and found that specially trained fire companies could assist SWAT teams during tactical operations. A workgroup was formed to determine if any other fire departments had a similar program. After a nationwide search, it was determined that one small fire department had a similar program. However, this program was very limited in the role that they performed with SWAT.


The needs assessment found that SWAT was often tasked with activities that the fire department was much better trained and equipment to do. This included heavy breaching, setting up rope system for tactical rappel operations, integration with police on the skirmish line at civil unrest, responding to fire-as-a-weapon events in which a hostile perpetrator was still conducting homicidal actions, responding to hostage/barricade events, and responding to suicidal jumper calls. Similar to the tactical medic concept, the Tactical Fire Company concept was created.


Fire companies were selected in the city based on geographical location to high risk occupancies (downtown high-rises, universities, and so forth). A 40-hour initial course was created and all members at the selected stations were required to attend the training. In addition, a quarterly continuing education program was established that would ensure recurrent training and knowledge for the program.


This course teaches the concept that was created by the instructors and introduced at the metropolitan fire department in 2015. The tactical fire company program has been tested at numerous events, including multiple riots and protests, two active shooter events, two National Special Security Events, and numerous SWAT callouts.

Numerous fire departments around the world have requested additional training to create programs similar to this program. Several departments have already created similar programs, directly modeled after this program. The three lead creators of this program will teach this class. They will present the 40-hour initial training class which includes 16 hours of lecture and 24 hours of practical. In addition, they will discuss hurdles to implementation encountered along the way. They will discuss the current state of the program and future goals. Upon completion of this program, agencies may elect to purchase the presentation material (1,000+ PowerPoint slides, videos, and pictures) if they would like to adopt the program at their department.

This is not a Rescue Task Force class. This course teaches fire personnel to operate far beyond the capabilities of the standard Rescue Task Force. 


This class is capped at 50 students. All students must be recognized instructors with their department. This course has a blended mix of law enforcement officers and fire personnel. This is a fast-paced and very strenuous course. This course teaches fire companies how to integrate in with law enforcement to perform at numerous high-risk, high-impact events, including:

  • Active shooter events

  • Fire-as-a-weapon events

  • Large-scale civil unrest events

  • Explosive events

  • Vehicle-as-a-weapon events

  • Suicidal jumpers

  • Hostage/barricade events

  • Hot zone breaching

  • High-threat casualty extractions

  • Live fire (smoke and fire) exercise with SWAT

  • Live fire (ballistic) exercise with SWAT

To download a PDF description of this training, please click the course PDF below. If you would like more information on booking this course, please email, or call 1-800-231-9106.


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