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Government Agencies

Threat Suppression provides comprehensive safety and security solutions for government agencies. More than 80% of our business at Threat Suppression is for local, state, and federal government agencies. Our services include training for elected officials, site security analysis for government buildings, development of safety and security protocols, crisis management training, and many more services. We have assisted hundreds of government agencies, from small towns to the largest of United States' federal agencies.

Threat Suppression staff utilize their experience and knowledge to provide scholastic, vetted solutions to government safety and security problems. Our staff have found that the majority of safety and security problems are common with every government agency, regardless of size. In many cases, government agencies are unaware of their safety and security problems until they are identified by Threat Suppression staff. Just as important as identifying problems, Threat Suppression staff provide solutions that are unique to each client.

Many government agencies are unaware of the liability that they possess by failing to mitigate and respond to identified hazards. Multiple court decisions have found that governments are not able to claim government immunity as a defense for failing to plan and prepare for recognized hazards. Many government officials also fail to realize that laws that cap government liability are null and void in the case of a civil rights violation. The serious injury or death of someone is a recognized civil rights violation, and frequently results in jury verdicts in the millions of dollars.

Government officials also fail to recognize that they are not personally immune from liability. Courts have found multiple government officials liable for gross negligence, with personal judgments against the officials, and in some cases, criminal convictions for negligence. Most importantly, failing to plan and prepare for security events can cause the loss of community confidence in government agencies. In some cases, this is a loss to which government agencies never fully recover.

Threat Suppression provides comprehensive solutions for government agencies. These solutions range from online webinars, to full-scale exercises. Threat Suppression staff have also helped numerous government agencies create policies, procedures, and protocols in an all-hazards approach to safety and security threats. For more information on some of the services that we provide, please email or call 1-800-231-9106.

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