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February 15, 2024- WTVC News 9

"School violence threats are on the rise in Tennessee: What the experts say."


October 9, 2023- NBTX News 3

"Agencies across the Brazos Valley participate in active shooter training"


September 27, 2023- Goodfellow Air Force Base Public Affairs

"Goodfellow emergency responders and local partners team up for training"

August 19, 2023- Galveston Daily News

"Targeting businesses part of a national trend, expert says."

May 2, 2023- KBTX News 3

"Brazos Valley first responders and leaders take specialized training in case of emergencies"


November 22, 2022- WSOC News 9

"Security expert offers insight for shoppers following lockdown at SouthPark Mall"

July 19, 2022- WSOC News 9

"CMPD: Shooting suspect said, 'Get out of here if you don't want to die' in Charlotte comedy club"

July 16, 2022- The Oklahoma City Sentinel

"Metro Technology Center to Host David Wade Memorial Active Attack Conference"

July 14, 2022- The Lewiston Tribune

"A primer for the unthinkable"

July 6, 2022- NBC 26

"Mass shootings are driving up fear of public spaces."

May 27, 2022- NBC 26

"Experts explain the psychology behind school threats."

May 25, 2022- WFRV News 5

"Experts gather to educate others on active shooter events: Day after Texas school mass shooting."

May 25, 2022- WEUA News 13

"Wisconsin first responders gather for active threat conference, day after deadly school shooting."

May 24, 2022- WSOC News 11

"Active shooter expert discusses the Uvalde, Texas school mass shooting."

April 6, 2022- Sacramento Bee

"Downtown Sacramento mass shooting: How should you respond?"


November 30, 2021- Raleigh News and Observer

"You think you hear gunshots in a public place. How should you respond?"


April 9, 2020- Global Projects

"Northcentral University 2019 graduation events surprised many."


November 6, 2019- Business Insider

"A deadly stabbing at Popeyes was linked to the return of the chicken sandwich, and it reflects a troubling trend for fast food workers."

October 9, 2019- Business Insider

"A man smashed a truck into a Chick-Fil-A, revealing the dangers fast food workers face on the job."

September 16, 2019- Colorado Springs Military Newspaper 

"Schriever first responders train together to save lives."

August 6, 2019- Business Insider

"This guy has a gun and I'm about to die: Fast-food chains are facing a looming active shooter problem." 

August 5, 2019- Business Insider

"What experts say that Walmart and other retailers need to do to protect shoppers and workers in the aftermath of active shooter events."

July 26, 2019- CNN

"10 years. 180 school shootings. 356 victims."

July 24, 2019- PR News Wire

"Northcentral University announces Ilyasah Shabazz and Dr. Mike Clumpner as 2019 commencement speakers." 

July 23, 2019- Oklahoma City News 9

"Logan County hosts active attack conference in honor of fallen deputy"

June 25, 2019- Seymour Johnson Air Force News

"Dr. Mike Clumpner and Columbine survivor Major Tyler Stark discuss the Columbine tragedy."

June 25, 2019- Graham Medical

"Mass casualty plan: The impact of first responder collaboration."

June 6, 2019- Defense Visual Distribution Service

"Active shooter analyst educates Airmen, first responders"

May 8, 2019- WBTV News

"Reviewing UNC Charlotte's campus shooting"

April 24, 2019- Security Magazine

"University of Michigan to offer active attacker training"


April 23, 2019- Associated Press

"University of Michigan offers new training after active shooter scare"

April 23, 2019- WNEM News 5

"University of Michigan's new active shooter training coming this fall."

April 23, 2019- Channel 8 News

"University of Michigan will offer new active shooter training after scare"

April 23, 2019- US News

"University of Michigan offers training after active shooter scare"

April 23, 2019- San Antonio Express News

"The University of Michigan offers free training after active shooter scare"

April 22, 2019- Click on Detroit News

"University of Michigan to offer optional active attacker training this fall"

April 11, 2019- KJZZ News

"More than 300 law enforcement officers undergo active shooter training"

April 9, 2019- Michigan Daily

"Capable Guardian programs offers active attacker training to University of Michigan community"

March 31, 2019- Journal of Emergency Medicine

"Where in the world of EMS is A.J. Heightman?"


February 14, 2019- CNN

"In the year since Parkland there's been a school shooting on average, every 12 days"


January 31, 2019- EMS Nation Podcast

"Wrap-up episode World Trauma Symposium 2018"



November 30, 2018- WCNC News

"Three men arrested in South Charlotte Victoria Secret thefts"

November 20, 2018- KY3 News

"Hospitals receive active shooter response training in Northwest Arkansas"

November 18, 2018- Efficient Government Magazine

"Public safety takeaways: Overnight active shooter events"

November 8, 2018- WCNC News

"Run, hide, fight: Charlotte company helps people react to active shooter events"

November 8, 2018-

"Rapid response: Active shooter response command decisions are made by first arriving ambulance crews, fire companies and police officers"

October 31, 2018-

"EMS World Expo Quick Take: Active assailant preparation, response for EMS"

July 20, 2018- The Goldsboro News-Argus

"School, public safety receive active shooter training"


June 20, 2018- USA Today Network

"School and police leaders attend school shooting summit."

April 17, 2018-

"Four qualities every SWAT team member needs."

February 16, 2018- WBTV News

"Security expert weighs in on Florida school shooting"

February 15, 2018- Fox News Laura Ingraham Show

"Authorities must harden soft targets - experts say."


December 6, 2017- Fayetteville Observer

"Unity, planning are keys in active shooter, violent crime events."


August 17, 2017-

"The ABCs of Fire-as-a-Weapon"


June 17, 2017- NBC News 29

"Orange County High School Hosts Active Shooter Training"


April 27, 2017- U.S Army News

"U.S. Army Special Operations Command hosts anti-terrorism conference."

April 21, 2017- Orlando Sun Sentinel

"U.S. airports unprepared for mass panic."

April 5, 2017- WAAY News 3

"Arsenal hosts active shooter situation training"

April 5, 2017- WAFF News 48

"Redstone Arsenal hosts joint public safety response to the active shooter"

April 4, 2017- WAFF News 48

"Redstone Arsenal and NASA to host active shooter training"

April 4, 2017- Cleveland News 19

"Active shooter workshop at Redstone Arsenal"


December 7, 2016- The Washington Post

"After 'pizzagate' shooting, an industry trained in hospitality thinks about security"


November 4, 2016- I.A.F.F. Quarterly

“Response to civil unrest”


October 25, 2016- Hannibal Courier Post

“Ambulance staff attends active shooter training”

August 23, 2016- The Arizona Republic

“Murder by proxy: A Phoenix police officer killed Jessica Hick’s boyfriend- She’s facing the murder charge.”


July 31, 2016- WCSC Charleston News

“Church staff and first responders get lesson on safety and security at seminar”

July 21, 2016- Military News

“First responders gain insight on active shooter incidents”


June 1, 2016- WCCB Charlotte

“Local colleges train for active shooters”

May 25, 2016- Force Science Institute

"10 key factors to keep active-killer response on the cutting edge"

March 3, 2016- 9 & 10 News

“North Central Michigan College brings in lecturer on active shooting scenarios”


January 27, 2016- Gaylord Herald Time

“Law enforcement special operations expert to speak

at NCMC lecture series”


January 26, 2016- Boyne City Gazette

“Active shooter expert lectures on public shootings”



December 25, 2015- WCCB Charlotte

"Off-duty officers secure malls year-round."

December 3, 2015- WSOC Charlotte

"Active shooter conference to be held Thursday at the Mint Museum."

November 12, 2015- USA Today

"Run, hide, fight" How to survive a school shooting."

October 1, 2015- WSOC Charlotte

"UNC-Charlotte has active shooter plan in place."

July 2, 2015- Fox News 11 Washington, D.C.

"Experts: Response to Navy Yard shooter report appropriate."


June 15, 2014- Goldsboro Daily News

“Wayne County Public Schools recognized for crisis communications"

May 14, 2014- The Exponent Telegram

“Active shooter scenario is the focus of training session for first responders”

April 22, 2014- Police Magazine

"Combined response to active shooters"

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