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Active Shooter Community-Wide Protocol Implementation

Numerous agencies and organizations, such as the Department of Homeland Security, International Association of Fire Chiefs, International Association of Fire Fighters, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the Hartford Consensus, and the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care have all stated that there must be integrated police, fire, and EMS response to active shooter events. Each of these agencies and organizations have published white papers stating that it is no longer acceptable for fire and EMS to stage at these events, and that every community must have active shooter protocols and procedures in place. Recent court cases have clearly shown that public safety administrators will be liable for actual or perceived response failures at active shooter events.


Active shooter events are currently the most complex event facing public safety responders today. These events are dynamic and perpetrators are constantly working to make their event deadlier than previous events. Most public safety agencies recognize that they need an integrated response procedure, but few agencies know how to develop these types of protocols and effectively train their personnel.


At Threat Suppression, we have trained multiple jurisdictions in active shooter response. Our community-wide training plan is broken down into four sections: (1) active shooter lecture training for all police/fire/EMS personnel, (2) table-top HSEEP “gaming” for agency leaders utilizing several exercises of high-risk buildings in the agency’s jurisdiction, (3) full-scale exercise training for all responders, utilizing three exercises in a crawl-walk-run method of training, (4) train-the-trainer class for agencies to provide the active shooter lecture to personnel to their own agency.


This model above has proven to be highly effective in training jurisdictions in the new active shooter response model. The HSEEP-compliant active shooter gaming has garnered national attention and participants have described the game as “The best active shooter command training available.” Multiple jurisdictions have requested information on duplicating Threat Suppression’s four-step method of active shooter training for their departments.


This class is for active public safety members and military law enforcement,only. This class is not available to the general public.


If you would like more information on booking this course, please email, or call 1-800-231-9106.


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