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SAFE: Sanctuary Actions for Emergencies™

“If I were the devil, I’d prove to people that even God is sometimes absent from church.” 

- Paul Harvey in his radio speech “If I Were the Devil” on April 3rd, 1965.


The SAFE™ program is designed for house of worship staff and addresses emergencies that can typically occur during Sunday church services.  A recent survey by the Christian Security Network of churches in the United States found that 75% of churches have no safety and security plan. Unfortunately, violence towards church members has risen more than 36% in the last couple of years, a trend that expert agree will continue. Many churches have taken the initiative to create a church safety and security ministry to protect their parishioners. 


In this presentation, attendees will learn and discuss the meaning of several scriptures that address safety and security in the church. In addition, the presenters will discuss the opinion of many famous theological experts on church safety and security. Attendees will also be taught about the legal liability of not addressing safety and security threats in their church and the consequences for failing to provide adequate security. Lawsuits against churches have risen more than 2,000% since 1992, with the average judgment against a church exceeding $100,000.00.


This presentation focuses on the most likely emergencies that can occur during typical Sunday service, including an active shooter/active assailant, armed robbery of the tithes and offerings, disruptive attendee, child abduction, lost/missing child, medical emergencies, weather emergencies, bomb threats, fires, and domestic situations. A review of church emergency statistics will be given along with an overview of recent church emergencies in the United States. Church staff will be taught basic response procedures for each of these events. 


Last, church members will be taught how to create functional church safety and security plans. Attendees will learn how divide the safety and security plans into management sections. Attendees will also learn how to perform a risk assessment on the church and how to prioritize safety and security funding.

This class is for active law enforcement, military law enforcement, church leaders, and church safety/security personnel only. This class is not available to the general public.

If you would like to download a PDF description of this course, please click here. If you would like more information on booking this course, please email, or call 1-800-231-9106.


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