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“Having the opportunity to work with Threat Suppression has truly been one on my greatest honors. This presentation has sparked a much-needed change in the community. I hope that we can keep the passion ignited so that when the time comes we are prepared to the best of our ability to keep the casualties to a minimum.”

- Paul Lacinski

Public Safety Instructor; Jackson College, Jackson, MI

“The presentation is engaging, informative, entertaining, and a poignant call to action for all members of public safety. It is quite obvious that Threat Suppression has spent thousands of hours researching active shooter perpetrators and events.”

- Special Agent Kevin Williams

United States Department of State, Diplomatic Security Services

“Fantastic course! It is extremely rare to be entertained, emotionally engaged, and thoroughly educated in one course by the same person! You usually get just one of those with a speaker. You were able to deliver all three for the full duration of an eight-hour course! You are clearly the expert in the field in this subject and you have distanced yourself from any other active shooter “expert”. You have set the bar for other active shooter presenters to follow.”

- Fire Chief John Ryan

Fort Gordon (GA) Fire Department

“I have been an active shooter response instructor since 2000 and I've been to numerous active shooter classes. In your lecture, I filled up six pages notes and just couldn't write any faster; otherwise I would have had many more pages of notes. This class needs to be mandatory for every police officer.”

- Corporal Brian Williamson

SWAT, Greensboro (NC) Police Department

"I've been to numerous active shooter classes and your class was by far the most informative and thought-provoking class I've ever attended. Thank you for your excellent training!"

- C.M. Queen

K9 Supervisor / Highway Interdiction, Kernesville (NC) Police Department

"This was the most clear, concise, and well thought out presentation I have ever attended. I was absolutely astounded by the data. You have lit the proverbial "fire" under me to educate my department and our community."

- Pamela Bissett

EMS Coordinator, North Oakland County (MI) Fire Authority

"I was riveted the entire eight hours and could have sat and listened for another eight hours! Your presentation was exceptionally important and relevant. Keep up the good work, you are truly saving lives!"

- Brady Cook

Principal, Michigan Center Schools

"I've done a considerable amount of reading, studying, and attending active shooter conferences in the last couple of years. The first thing I learned today in your presentation was that I didn't know half of what I thought I did about active shooters. I was absolutely amazed with the amount of research and statistics in your presentation!"

- Field Training Officer Jon Simmons

Guilford County (NC) EMS

"Thank you for such an informative and thought-provoking presentation! Your straight-shooter, no hold's barred approach is incredibly refreshing. In today's world, everyone wants to sanitize difficult subjects and not present the reality of the world we are in. This causes false expectations and operational paralysis. This is by far one of the best lectures I've ever attended!"

- Fire Chief William MacKay

 Goochland County (VA) Department of Fire-Rescue and EMS

"Your presentation hit a home run with me. I am so appreciative of all of the research and effort that went into your presentation. The day after your lecture, I attended another active shooter presentation from a so called "active shooter expert". His presentation lacked a great deal of information. I told him he needs to attend your lecture to learn from a real active shooter expert!"

- Sergeant Tom Hickey

Ann Arbor (MI) Police Department

"This class was by far the best active shooter class I have attended in my 25 years of law enforcement. I am a SWAT instructor and active shooter instructor. I learned more in the first three hours than I have in years of attending other active shooter classes."

- Lieutenant Anthony "Tony" Smoote

SWAT Team Deputy Commander, St. Louis Metro Police Department (ret)

Director of Training, St. Louis Metro Mass Transit Police Department

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