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Nicole Clumpner

TITLE: Vice President of Administration
PHONE: 800-231-9106 x 111
DIVISION: Administration
OFFICE LOCATION: Corporate Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

Nicole Clumpner, BSN, RN is the Vice President of Administration at Threat Suppression, Incorporated. Nicole is responsible for quotes, course scheduling, contract acquisition, billing, payroll, and Human Resources. Nicole is responsible for scheduling more than 100 contracts a year and managing numerous employees. Nicole oversees a multi-million dollar budget.

Nicole started her career as a registered nurse (RN) for the Mayo Clinic working in the Intensive Care Unit/Rapid Response Team. Upon relocation to Hawaii, she served as a RN with the United States Army Military Treatment Facility, focusing on Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) for deploying soldiers and Reverse Soldier Readiness Processing for redeploying soldiers. In addition, Nicole has worked as a registered nurse for the Carolinas HealthCare System as well as public health agencies in Georgia and South Carolina. Nicole continues to work part time as a public health nurse for a government agency.

Nicole’s passion is working with mothers and their babies to ensure a healthy start during the pre-conception, prenatal, and postpartum nursing. Nicole focuses on babies that are premature, low birth weight, and oftentimes lacked early prenatal care. She is a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and Certified Lactation Consultant. Nicole has been actively engaged in many local community organizations, including serving as an Executive Board Member for the local Safe Kids Coalition, Everybody Counts Immunizations Coalition, and the Southeast Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition. Nicole was also a pilot participant for the PeriFACTS OB/GYN Academy. 


Nicole earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota with a minor in public health and a minor in biology. Nicole can be reached at

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