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Dominick Pagano

TITLE: Senior Principal Consultant 
PHONE: 800-231-9106 x 102
DIVISION: Operations - Columbia
OFFICE LOCATION: Columbia Office: Columbia, SC

Dominick Pagano is one of the original four co-founders at Threat Suppression, Incorporated and is a Senior Principal Consultant with the company. Dominick served in the United States Army with the 82nd Airborne Division as a Parachute Infantryman, completing two overseas tours and multiple campaigns. Dominick spent extensive time in South America combating narcoterrorism. Following completion of active duty, Dominick served several more years in the Army Reserves. After leaving active duty in the military, Dominick became a correctional officer in a maximum-security prison, dealing with extremely dangerous and violent criminals. 

After serving as a correctional officer, Dominick accepted a full-time position as a deputy sheriff with the Richland County Sheriff's Department, a large, urban law enforcement agency (South Carolina's largest law enforcement agency). Dominick is currently a captain and the commander of the Training Division. Dominick has trained and conducted operations with some of the world’s most elite law enforcement and military Special Operations units.

Because of Dominick’s experience and training, Dominick was assigned to the department’s SWAT team early in his career. Dominick served for many years as a senior SWAT operator on a Type-1 regional SWAT team responding to numerous SWAT situations. Dominick served five years as the tactical commander and lead SWAT instructor for the team prior to his promotion to captain and assignment to Training Division. The SWAT team conducts more than 1,000 high-risk operations each year. 

Dominick proudly serves his country as a First Sergeant with the South Carolina State Guard where he is the Training and Operations Supervisor for the Special Operations Command. Dominick has personally trained thousands of military, law enforcement, fire, EMS, civilian and private sector personnel. Dominick has lectured and taught throughout the world on active shooter response, asymmetric warfare, and advanced law enforcement special operations. 

Dominick has also conducted extensive work with the United States military, schools, colleges, businesses, and places of worship throughout the world on preventing violent attacks. Dominick also provided training services to one of the world’s largest leading military contractors. Dominick has extensive knowledge and training in site security and critical infrastructure and has provided multiple infrastructure vulnerability analyses for large corporations, places of worship, educational institutions, hospitals and government agencies. Dominick has participated in more than 50 large scale active shooter/mass violent exercises and is often brought in as a senior evaluator and or advisor during these events.  


In addition to his law enforcement and military experience, Dominick also has vast experience in dignitary protection. Dominick has served as detail leader for multiple high-profile dignitaries and celebrities. Dominick also served as the dignitary detail leader for the Medal of Honor convention in 2018 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dominick has an associate's degree in fitness and a bachelor's degree in intelligence and counter-terrorism. Dominick actively maintains more than 70 law enforcement and self-defense certifications with more than 35 instructor ratings. Dominick has been featured on major news and media outlets on his expertise in active shooter response and law enforcement special operations. Dominick has been featured in Police One magazine and several other public safety publications. Dominick has also received numerous awards and commendations throughout his law enforcement and military career. In 2007, the South Carolina State Senate presented Dominick an award for heroism for actions taken in the line of duty. Dominick can be reached at

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