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David Bradshaw

TITLE: Consultant | Media Director
PHONE: 800-231-9106 x 110
DIVISION: Operations
OFFICE LOCATION: Corporate Headquarters: Charlotte, NC 

David Bradshaw is a Consultant and Media Director with Threat Suppression, Incorporated. David has been with Threat Suppression since 2013. David is a 33-year veteran of emergency services and has extensive experience as a firefighter, EMT, and 911 telecommunicator.

David spent 17 years active fire service with 14 of those with in the largest combination paid/volunteer fire department in the country (Prince Georges County Fire Department), serving the Washington, D.C. area as a fire captain/EMT. David continues to serve with the department. David has responded to more than 10,000 emergency incidents in his career and holds several levels of certifications in both firefighting and as a fire officer. David also worked as a telecommunicator for police/fire/EMS in a large communications center outside of Washington, D.C., and was directly involved in the response and communications center efforts for the September 11th Pentagon attack. 

David is currently the Senior Shift Supervisor for a 911 Communications Center with a large, metropolitan fire department. The department responds to more than 140,000 emergency calls annually. David has been recognized in the past as the Supervisor of the Year for the 911 center. David also worked part-time for a police department as a telecommunicator and maintains North Carolina Sheriff's standards certification for dispatchers, as well as DCI and NCIC certifications. David is FEMA certified as an advanced public information officer from the National Fire Academy. He is also FEMA certified in disaster response and recovery using social media. David currently serves as the paid Public Information Officer for two fire departments.

During the 2012 Democratic National Convention (a National Special Security Event) in Charlotte, North Carolina, David assisted in the planning of communications coverage and operations for the city outside of the convention footprint, assuring seamless coverage and protection to the rest of the citizens and visitors to the city

David has a passion for the effective use of social media during active violence incidents, covering all aspects of social media use from the first 911 call until the last responder clears the incident. David has developed/coordinated/maintained social media and public relations efforts for several high profile organizations relating to public safety and the fire service. David can assist agencies with training responders on the responsible use of social media to avoid negative publicity, employment issues, or civil/criminal liability. David can be reached at

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