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Law Enforcement and Fire Department Integration at Hostile Events

In 2016, FBI Special Agent in Charge Chris Combs stated, “One of the greatest threats facing the United States today is the continued disconnect regarding law enforcement, fire, and EMS response to hostile events.” Since April 20, 1999, public safety agencies throughout the United States have realized that hostile events required an integrated response. In the last 20 years, hostile events continue to increase in frequency, ferocity, and lethality.

Regardless of size, every community in the United States is at threat for significant hostile events. Examples of these events include active shooter, large-scale civil unrest, bombings, fire-as-a-weapon, and coordinated terrorist attacks. In the last three years, events in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, Orlando, and Las Vegas show that significant hostile events can occur with little to no warning. Regardless of the jurisdiction, public safety agencies must plan and prepare to respond with a unified and coordinated effort. To be successful, planning and preparation must occur long before the event occurs.

In this lecture, the presenter will discuss how one metropolitan city began a unified public safety hostile event response plan in 2013. The plan initially focused on active shooter response, but grew to include large-scale civil unrest, fire-as-a-weapon, and complex terrorist attacks. Since 2012, more than 4,000 responders were trained in this city as the threat evolved, both domestically and internationally. Operationally, the plans were tested in 2015 at a reported active shooter event in a crowded mall on Christmas Eve, and then again during a five-day period of major civil unrest in 2016. The taskforce has continued to train responders as significant events occur both locally and throughout the United States.

The presenter was one of the principal members assigned to the taskforce to create the city’s unified response plan. The work conducted in this city has developed into a model for other cities to use when creating a unified hostile event response plan. The presenter will discuss the different hostile threats addressed by the taskforce, responder training, and response lessons learned.


To download a copy of the course brochure, click here. This class is for active public safety members and military law enforcement,only. This class is not available to the general public.


If you would like more information on booking this course, please email, or call 1-800-231-9106.


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