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Operational Rescue: Utilizing Technical Rescue Concepts in Hostile Environments

There are few moments in the history of public safety that require a shift in the response paradigm. With the ever-emerging threat of terrorism and asymmetric warfare, the time has come for the paradigm to shift yet again. Terrorism and asymmetric warfare epitomizes the definition of hybrid warfare. To combat hybrid warfare, public safety departments must utilize hybrid response. This hybrid response focuses on best practices from both public safety and military Special Operations.


Given the increase in active violence incidents in the United States and abroad, it is critical for public safety departments to enact response protocols that include rescue techniques adapted for a dynamic threat environment. In many cases of asymmetric warfare, responders had to provide adaptive response tactics. Often, these response tactics require the use of technical rescue operations for both tactical operators and rescuers.


For years the solution for “rope rescue” training was to call the local fire department or rescue team. While the training had good intentions many found it was like pounding a round peg into a square hole; the training and equipment did not meet the demands of operating in a hostile environment.


This Operational Rescue course has been meticulously designed to ensure the methodology meets the demands of the modern operator while following proven job performance requirements (JPRs) established by the NFPA. The execution of a “textbook” rescue is simple. Executing a rescue in a dynamic tactical environment where rescue is not the operators’ primary or secondary duty is a challenge. Upon completion of the course students not only fully understand how to execute a rescue, but they are armed with the knowledge to think outside of the box.


This intensive, hands-on course can range in length from 8 – 80 hours. The primary instructor for this course is one of the United States’ leading experts on technical rope rescue. The instructor has authored multiple rope rescue textbooks and is a member of the NFPA Technical Rescue Committee. The instructor has trained some of the world’s most elite military units with the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).


This class is only for active public safety members and military law enforcement. This class is not available to the general public.


To download a PDF description of this training, please click hereIf you would like more information on booking this course, please email, or call 1-800-231-9106.


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