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The evolution of Mass Violence Attacks


This terrifying and chilling presentation looks at the evolution of mass violence attacks both in the United States and internationally, painting a picture of what future attacks may include. Firmly grounded in historical facts and data, this presentation identifies methods by which attackers are increasing the ferocity of the attacks, increasing the lethality of the attacks, and severely decreasing the effectiveness of public safety response.


The number one reason identified by the 9/11 Commission for the 9/11 attacks was “Failure of imagination.” This presentation will look at multiple potential attack modalities that are easy to conduct and will greatly increase the complexity of the event. Most successful terror attacks fall into one of three categories, (1) an attack planned well and executed well, (2) an attack planned well and executed poorly, or (3) an attack planned poorly and executed well. All three of these combinations have resulted in very high casualty counts and major loss.

The threat of weaponized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or more commonly referred to as drones, is now a very real threat to national security. In 2018, the FBI announced that it is highly likely that weaponized UAVs will be used in the United States to conduct a high-level attack against a vulnerable target. Outside of the United States, the use of weaponized UAVs is increasing, and has become a significant operational challenge for the United States’ military. Not only can a UAV deliver a sizeable explosive payload, but it can also provide real time intelligence to attackers as well as terror commanders who are remote from the site.


The threat of chemical and biological attacks is now a global crisis. In 2017, the European Union formally announced that terror organizations will quickly have the ability and capacity to utilize chem-bio weapons in attacks. These attacks are often part of a layered attack in which the chem-bio attack either precedes another attack or follows closely behind the main attack. Several significant non-hostile chemical leaks in the United States proves the vulnerability of the chemical transportation system and demonstrates the catastrophic effects of a major leak. This presentation will examine the use of chemical or biological attacks in conjunction with another hostile attack (e.g. a layered attack). In 2020, The Federal Bureau of Investigation stated that the alt-left and alt-right in the United States pose a greater threat to use a chem-bio agent that any foreign terror organization.


Hostile mass violence perpetrators often look for ways to force multiply their attack. One of the easiest force multipliers is natural disasters. In the last decade, the United States has experienced major natural disasters resulting in hundreds of lives lost and billions of dollars in damage. An opportunistic attack can easily use the effects of the disaster to cause massive loss of life and major economic damage. A well-planned attack in conjunction with a natural disaster can result in apocalyptic destruction. In this course, the presenter will examine ways that an opportunistic terrorist could use a natural disaster as a force multiplier for a significant attack.


Multiple attacks show that there are several significant trends emerging. First, the attackers are conducting extensive planning and preparation for the attacks. In many of the attacks, the planning phase was at least one year, with several attacks in the planning phase for three or more years. Second, the speed and ferocity of the attack is increasing. The violence of action prevents victims from recognizing an attack is occurring and prevents any time for civilians to muster a counter-response. Third, attackers are more proficient with public safety operations


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